Happy St. Patrick’s Day Uncle O’Grimacey!

A mini crisis this morning (missing keys) kicked the holiday clean out of my mind.  Then I noticed all the DUI task force vehicles strategically parked along my morning commute to work.

First thought:  What in the world are they doing out before noon on a Thursday?

Second thought:  Oh! It’s St. Patrick’s Day!  Green beer breakfast anyone? 

Never fear.  There is one frosty beverage that will let you celebrate the wearin’ of the green without posing any danger to public safety or your driving record…

Oh yeah!  Do you remember Uncle O’Grimacey?

Personally, I loathe the Shamrock Shake. But I adore the silly McD’s character who used to pitch the toxic green goo. I hear he’s now been labelled as an offensive Irish stereotype.  Well, piffle. Granny Slay used to tell me I’m Scotch, Irish, English, German heritage (with a wee pinch of Native American); so I reserve the right to continue my adoration of Uncle O’G…and men in kilts, but that’s a post for another day. 

Does anyone know where I might purchase an Uncle O’Grimacey shirt that is not “Adult/Mature” content?


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