Flashback Friday – Once Upon A Time…

…there were three little girls who went to the police academy.

And this “Season 1 Trailer” montage is pretty much exactly as I remember my introduction to the angels:

Warning: The rest of this flashback constitutes a serious risk of Unexplained Time Drainage Syndrome (UTDS).  People who are vulnerable to episodes of UTDS or those with things to get accomplished this weekend should avoid exposure.

When I first sat down to write a novel set in the summer of 1977, I knew I couldn’t rely on my memory of that period.  (I was only 6 years old!)  Obviously, I had to do some serious research.  Serious.  So I started by watching every single episode of Charlie’s Angels Season One (1976-77)…aka, the Original Angels:

I ordered all the DVDs from Netflix, but nowadays we can watch entire episodes from every season online without having to wait for mail delivery…which can easily lead to watching the highly anticipated Season Two in which Cheryl Ladd took over the spot left by the great goddess Farrah Fawcett-Majors:

It’s all down hill from there.  Next thing you know it’s days later, there’s a stack of fast food delivery boxes stacked on the trash can and you’re late for work.  Unless you are a much stronger person than me.


One thought on “Flashback Friday – Once Upon A Time…

  1. Of course I was seventeen in 1977 and I couldn’t stand Charlie’s Angels and I would have punched any man who called me angel. 🙂 So if you have any seventeen year olds in your novel, you might think about that.

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