70’s Flashback – Schoolhouse Rock! America Rock

Here’s a question for all you children of the 70’s out there–can you recite the preamble of the constitution…without singing?  Well, I can’t.  So sing along with me…

Of all the Schoolhouse Rock songs produced by ABC and aired during Saturday morning cartoons, mainly during the 1976 – 1985 seasons, The Preamble is my absolute favorite.  Followed closely by The Great American Melting Pot and I’m Just a Bill. Honestly, I believe the entire Schoolhouse Rock compendium could be one of the greatest works of educational genius ever created, right up there with Sesame Street and the McGuffey readers.

Many of my family members and friends have been forced to endure my off-key renditions of America Rock songs as part of their July 4th festivities.  Because nothing says “Happy Birthday, America” like me belting out Sufferin’ Till Suffrage into my bottle of Sam Adams.

Originally, I had planned on posting this on July 4th.

However, when I looked up the songs on YouTube, I was absolutely flabbergasted to see the comments some people have posted!  Nasty, hateful comments filled with F-bombs, aimed at our country, our president, our constitution.  Seriously?!?!

Here’s what really kills me, sprinkled in among the hateful stuff, there were these sweet little comments from middle school students saying things like “Thanks for posting this.  It really helped me learn the Preamble for my Civics test.”

Listen, I absolutely, positively do NOT want to open any sort of political discussion (which is the reason I didn’t post this on the 4th of July and have stewed over it all week).  I’m all for the First Amendment.  But since when is dissatisfaction over the current state of our government a good reason to post hate messages under an educational video produced for children?  I don’t care how right, left or middle of the road your political beliefs are, without a little common sense, decency and manners you are always wrong.

And now I will get off my soap box and continue to sing, “We the people…”


4 thoughts on “70’s Flashback – Schoolhouse Rock! America Rock

  1. Thanks for posting this. I had never heard it and I couldn’t recite the preamble with or without singing. I am at the hospital with my mother and I have a slow connection so I had to keep replaying this until it finally loaded all the way. I think I might be able to recite the preamble now. Thanks!

    • Sally,
      I’m glad you enjoyed this, but am very sorry to hear your mother is in the hospital. Hope you are both doing well….or at least as well as possible.

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