70’s Flashback – The Hills Have Eyes

On this date in 1977, Wes Craven unleashed his third horror film on the world. 

The Hills Have Eyes had a budget of $230,000 and grossed $25,000,000.  Wow. Why is it only horror movies seem to be able to perform this low budget/pure profit magic trick?

WARNING:  This preview is NOT approved for all audiences.  If you don’t love horror, don’t watch. 

I have never seen this 1977 cult classic, nor would I ever consider watching the 2006 remake.  Horror is most definitely NOT my genre.

Thing is, there are elements in horror that can draw me in for a while–the relentless building tension, the hints and innuendo, and underneath it all an element of mystery that keeps me wondering, what the hell is going on here?  I know something terrible is lurking around the edges of everything I’m seeing.  There is a black, bubbling threat under the surface of the most mundane moments.  So I will watch, hooked and unable to look away, until the first graphic explosion of violence.

Then I’m usually happy to turn the whole thing off and move on.  But sometimes I don’t look away.  Unfortunately, I usually pay for it later.  The movie Se7en haunted me with nightmares, creeps and flashbacks for days, weeks even.

What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?  The worst “horror hangover” you’ve ever experienced?


One thought on “70’s Flashback – The Hills Have Eyes

  1. I can’t do horror. When I was a kid my friends dragged me to two horror flicks in a row—Friday the 13thand It’s Alive. I don’t think I’ve ever watched another horror movie. After Friday the Thirteenth, for weeks, I’d wake up, grab some clothes, and run out of my house before some lady hiding behind the door with an ax could kill me. Then I’d drive over to my parents’ house to shower.

    After It’s Alive, I had to look under the table every time I sat down to eat. For months.

    Ugh. I hate horror.

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