70’s Flashback – Fashion is Dead?

Project Runway Season 9 premiered last night.  That show is my one and only TV addiction.  (Yes, even after last year’s Gretchengate.) 

Tim Gunn is my super hero.  If he asked, I would give that man my car, my cat, even my kidney.

One of the contestants this year is 57-year-old Bert Keeter, who graduated design school in 1977.  Of course, he’s my early favorite….which almost certainly means he’s doomed (but I hope not).  Anyway, in honor of Bert, I found this hilarious pseudo-serious documentary film on 70’s fashions. 


5 thoughts on “70’s Flashback – Fashion is Dead?

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    • I know! Bird seed dress should have won last week. Burt deeply disappointed me. How could you be on the show and not LOVE the show? I’m afraid he’s not going to last many more episodes.

  2. Yes! I’m all geeked about the new season, too. Gotta pull for Bert a little bit since he’s an old fart like me, although I also like the guy who did the bird seed dress. He’s “rockin’ with one” (ball, that is)
    And ditto on Tim Gunn. Teresa and I read his book that came out last summer — “Tim Gunn’s Rules” (or something like that). It had lots of fun stories about the fashion business and his days teaching at Parsons. Along with Anthony Bourdain, he’s my favorite dude on TV. In fact, gotta go watch No Reservations right now.
    Take care, Slay!

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