Oh Lord, won’t you buy me A New Hope

First, let’s unleash a little Star Wars geek fun.  Take a moment to enjoy the winner of the 2011 George Lucas selects Star Wars Fan Movie award: Star Wars:  Unlimited Power

Love it!!!

Next, let’s enjoy the trailer for Cowboys and Aliens (starring my beloved Harrison Ford):

Wanna love it.  Haven’t seen it yet.  Maybe it’s wonderful?  Please, someone tell me if it’s worth seeing.

Lastly, what does all this have to do with my blog?

Well, I’m not sure.  I guess I’m just looking for something to look forward to.  Looking for inspiration…or, at the very least, a little pleasant distraction.

I sense a presence like a disturbance in the Force.  It has nothing to do with Hollywood. Or the recession. Or even Washington D.C. politics. (I have been avoiding the doomsday countdown clocks and commentary for weeks, but did hear we have finally reached a compromise.)  Even if you are not a Star Wars geek, take a moment.  Don’t you feel it?  Something just feels off.

I wish I could tie everything I’m trying to say together neatly in a bow.  I can’t.  And yet, there is a deep and meaningful connection between what was happening in the early 1970’s (pre-Star Wars) and what is happening right now.

Instead of trying to do the analysis, let me introduce the first part of Empire of Dreams:

When describing America in the early 70’s, to commentary says, “Americans felt deeply mired in the present.”  That is a terrible and oddly beautiful statement.

Do you feel deeply mired in the present?


5 thoughts on “Oh Lord, won’t you buy me A New Hope

  1. Yeah….I’m going to comment on my own post. I just re-read this and (to my horror) realized the original version made no sense. I left out the connecting thought/sentence between the first half and the second half. Zoinks! That’s what you get for pressing the publish button at 1:00 am after struggling for hours with some other difficult novel writing. I couldn’t leave it like that, totally disconnected. So I edited after publishing. Probably a blogging no-no. Oh well.

  2. Loved that commercial.

    The trailer? I’m with you. I want to love it.

    Mired in the present? Mired in something. I never thought to call it the present, though. 🙂

    If the films of the 70s are gritty what would we call the films and novels these days?

    • Well, that was kind of an underlying thought when I posted this. I say the films and novels are back to being gritty, dark and a bit depressing. And we all need to lighten up a little!!!

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