70’s Flashback – Pete Rose Sings (and other bad ideas)

I stumbled across this painful commercial while looking for something else:    (PS – Kiss my grits!  Isn’t that Mel from Alice?)

Yikes!  That little masterpiece got me thinking about other sports superstars who made some pretty terrible commercials in the 70’s.

Like, why the [bleep] is Willie Mays in this Tab commercial?

Joe Namath getting “creamed” by a singing Farrah Fawcett was pretty cringe-worthy:

Where did you go Joe DiMaggio?  Oh look, you’re signing rebate checks for Mr. Coffee:

So…which one is the worst example of 70’s advertising?  Or did I miss some examples that are even more horrifying?


One thought on “70’s Flashback – Pete Rose Sings (and other bad ideas)

  1. I don’t no. Those boys singing about aqua-velva seem pretty tame to me and make me long for the good old days.

    Here’s the 70s ad I have always hated. I hated it when it first came out and I was pretty young and stupid. But I knew even then that it sucked that women should be expected to do it all. And how many women today are having panic attacks and feeling inferior because they can’t do it all?

    I’d like to slap this woman for the burden she’s put on the rest of us. 🙂 What about those of us who are fat and tired and who hate to cook? Aren’t we women, too? heh heh

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