Busy Week, Lazy Writer

Lots of good stuff going on. Too much to process/post this week.  So I’m going to get by with a little help from my friends…

First, for my Humane Society/pet-loving/currently-rescue-dog-fostering friends, this is one of the funniest posts EVER from one of my favoritest authors:

Joshilyn Jackson

Second, please concentrate all your healing thoughts toward this sister blogger’s sister:

Stephanie Austin – Unvaulted

Listen to me.  Do not feel sorry or sad.  Feel hopeful for her of go away!!!

Now seriously, check out this post, the 11th paragraph that starts “At Staples…”  Is that not the most perfect, specific-and-yet-universal scene you’ve ever read?

Third, Steve Sansweet wrote back and he absolutely is the decentest, quirkiest, friendliest sort of guy ever!  Thank the Maker!!!  I love it when my super heroes talk back!!!

And Steve reminded me that any readers who love Star Wars and need to find a great book for the younger readers on their gift list would love The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger.

Fourth, I will be writing a whole post dedicated to Sally Apokedak very soon.  Sally is amazing and she writes a gorgeous blog for other YA writers.  Sally has helped me understand many things that my Blogging 101 class never truly explained. Basically, I’m a failure at most measures of successful blogging, but that’s OK.  At least I’m still blogging.

And (BLESS her heart) Sally always reads my blog and always posts comments that encourage me.  She is (to me) what true Christians should be.  And this praise comes from a “There are many doors to heaven” and “More spiritual than religious”  type of girl.

Lastly…I HAS A SECRET!!!  It’s not a writerly, publishing secret.  It’s a magical, bubbly secret.  I’ll share it soon.  I just want to hold it close to my heart and savor it for a week or two.

Here’s my question…

Have you ever had exciting news that you wanted to keep it to yourself for a while?  For no better reason than you just want to keep it to yourself for a while?  Yes?

Could that be the basis for a novel?  A short story?  A screenplay?  A flash fiction?  A painting?  Hmmmmmm…

Writers, artists & designers out there…Share if you dare!!


3 thoughts on “Busy Week, Lazy Writer

  1. Now, I’m blushing. Thanks for the kind words. But you have to read today’s post, in which we all discover that I really don’t know nothin’ about page ranks and backlinks. Sorry.

    And you are really doing a lot right. I didn’t start reading here and commenting because I felt sorry for you. I didn’t even know you. Your voice and interests sucked me in. So, as much I love to be seen as a saint, the truth is that I’m not hanging here as a work of kindness toward a poor soul who needs encouragement. You’ve earned my presence by giving me interesting posts. I find your blog refreshing.

    In regards to secrets: Yes, definitely. I have some secrets I’ve never told anyone, and I don’t mean guilty secrets (though I do have some of those, too). I’ve kept the secrets to myself because they are things that give me joy that I think would be lessened (like leaking link juice) if I shared them with people who wouldn’t really understand them. If I think others will understand and share in my joy, then I share the happy secrets.

    I’m curious about your secret. Also I’ve been wondering how the writing room is going.

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