Top 5 Reasons I’ve Neglected My Blog in September + 1 Bonus Reason

  1. Got engaged.  (Thanks for all the happiness wishes to this 40-something female who finally found someone crazy enough…er, special enough to settle down with me.)
  2. Moved into a 4 BR/3.5 BA house with more bats, bugs, spiders and rodents than I care to catalog.
  3. Decided to accept a new position with my current employer, thus ensuring weeks of new training at exactly the same salary (aka – the lateral move).
  4. Still working to create that glorious writing room.  (Stay Tuned!  Updated photos coming soon.)
  5. Wilderness adventure vacation along the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia:

    Anyone know how to Photoshop out my stray, sagging boob under the paddle?

BONUS:  Writing new fiction…maybe I should post it?  Any comments?  Seriously, how do you feel me posting one ghost story every week in October?  (Hint:  We are talking FICTION here, but some true facts may be mixed in.)

How David Kazzie Found An Agent

He created this YouTube video and it went viral: 

Perhaps this little video is only humorous to writers, editors and agents (especially writers who aspire to be traditionally published and have been working through “the process” for longer than a year.) 

Me, I laughed so hard I almost dampened by drawers.

My favorite line: I wish I could kill you and get away with it.

And here’s the kicker…You too can create animated videos with absolutely no animation skills or expensive software required, thanks to XtranormalIf you can type, you can make movies…

Cut to: Slay the Writer hunched over her desk.  Her eyes are unnaturally wide open and her fingers are twitching convulsively five inches above her keyboard. 

SLAY THE WRITER:  Really?!?! I can make animated movies?  For free? And all I’ve got to do is type up some dialogue for the goofy little creatures to say?  Holy technological wonders, Batman!

VOICEOVER:  Join us next time for another exciting episode of Time Wastery for the Hideously Overcommited starring Slay the Writer.