Is Self-Publishing the New Submission Process?

For those of you who follow my blog and give a rat’s fuzzbutt whether or not I ever publish my novels, let me start by saying thank you, love you, bless you.

My Pitch Slam went very well. The waiting lines were much longer than I anticipated, so I only pitched my novel to 8 agents. And I’ve been asked to submit my query + sample by all 8. Of those, 4 seemed really promising.

My favorite moment of the Pitch Slam was when Susan Hawk told me her 8-year-old son just told her this morning that he was using The Force to ask his best friend to come out and play in the snow.

[Oh yeah….BTW, it is snowing, freezing, slippery winter nastiness here.]

That said, I’m currently sitting in the (very chilly) lobby of the Sharaton New York Hotel & Towers with a spinning head (NOT induced by wine, I swear) and a stuttering heart.

ALERT…ALERT…Paradigm shift! There’s been yet another paradigm shift in the whole writing-to-market process. Self-publishing (at least in ebook formats) is now being described as part of the process to finding an agent and getting a traditional publishing contract. I’m rather flabbergasted, but, hey, I do GET it. Instead of a few people in tiny Manhattan offices deciding which books to publish based on (1) personal preferences, (2) market research (often flawed), (3) current mood & (4) Fate…OH NO! Now they want We The People to decide what is the next best seller.

The business of publishing has become more of a democracy than the United States of America ever was. Zoinks!

Writers, hold on to your hearts (and get out your wallets).

Readers, I’m not sure if this is good news or bad news for you. I mean, if you don’t mind searching through mega-tons of bad books (especially ebooks) and maybe even purchasing some very BAD ebooks to find the GOOD stuff, well, then this might be good news. I just don’t know.

I am both a writer and an avid reader (spending more $ than I care to admit on both traditional books AND ebooks) and I’m not sure how I feel about this. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure how much to post about this. Hmmmmm……

Has anyone out there read The Help? If yes, OMG did you LOVE it? If not, stop reading this and everything else and read The Help. Seriously. Don’t just watch the incredibly wonderful movie. READ it!! I’ll wait here.

Favorite Line: Mae Mobley my favorite.

How about the movie Julie & Julia? If you have not seen this movie, GO! Yet again, I’ll wait here.

[Play Final Jeopardy theme here]

Favorite Line: You are the butter to my bread, you are the breath to my life

So….where am I going with this ramble? Well, both stories depict success in the old traditional publishing model. Julie & Julia also depicts success through blogging…but now the blogosphere is WAY crowded and not really the venue for brand new fiction authors without a platform. In other words, the Julie & Julia path to publication is already getting outdated.

What’s left?

Now the name of the game is to get your work “out there” to see if enough REAL readers will pay REAL dollars to purchase your REAL book. It’s like ebook sales are the new platform. Or the new submission process.

All righty then….let me go back to spinning and stuttering and wondering.

In the meantime…HELP! What do you ebook readers think? Are you ready to search through thousands of really bad ebooks to find the stories you really want to read? Or do you rely on some resource to find great ebooks?

Considering the fact that I will only spend a fraction of the $$ I spent on this conference to ePublish and everyone, everyone, everyone at this conference seems to agree this is the BEST first step to becoming a successful author…well, holy crapping crap!!!

What do you think?

[Insert Clever, Sane Title Here]

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Mine are going so poorly, I’ve definitely decided to make Chinese New Year my NEW New Year’s resolution day.

That said, I am NOT going to burden y’all with a list of my personal failures. (Sometimes I bore even myself!). So, no.

Let’s skip to the good news…I have declared 2012 to be my Submit-a-Palooza! This means I’m going to submit my first novel like a crazy person. I am not allowed to give up until I’ve received at least 100 rejections.

(Oh please God, don’t let me receive 99 rejections!)

And I am ON TRACK with this resolution. Not wanting to prolong the agony, I’ve registered for the Writer’s Digest Conference & Pitch Slam…which takes place tomorrow. I could squeeze in 20-30 rejections in one short day. Woo hoo.

UGH! [Fill in here with lots of filth flarn filthy language] Why is this so freaking difficult?

Here I sit in a LOVELY restaurant called Remi (seriously, check it out online cause I’m not sure I really linked to it on the iPad version of WordPress). I’m eating gorgeous roasted baby artichokes and barely tasting them. No, I’m too busy obsessively reading/re-reading my pitch notes and wishing I could just DIE! Right now I would rather hurl myself off the roof of the Sheraton than face the humiliating gauntlet of Pitch Slam tomorrow. But I will do it. I will. And then I will bitch about it here.

Stay tuned for humiliations galore….

Resolutions, Goals & A New Creative Wellness Blog…Coming Soon

For the record, I’m going to have some New Year’s resolutions. I’m going to set 2012 writing goals. I even have a whole new website in the works.  I have not buried myself in a secure bunker “off the grid” and I am not counting off the final days on the Mayan Calendar.

I’m just not ready to post anything definite or clever about 2012 just yet.

Blame it on the fact that I was born on the Twelfth Day of Christmas (aka Epiphany aka January 6). I just don’t fully gear up for the new year until those drummers stop drumming.  Or perhaps I was Chinese in a previous life, because Chinese New Year (aka Lunar New Year) always seems to be a better time for a new beginning to me…except for the fact that I can’t ever seem to understand how they calculate the Lunar New Year.  Is it the second new moon after the Winter Solstice?  Or am I making that up?  I Googled it, but only got more confused.

However, I can tell you that 2012 is going to be Year of the Dragon (which is not exactly good news for us loyal souls born in a Year of the Dog) and it will start on January 23.  Hmmm…That is the day after I get back from the 2012 Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City (more on that soon).  Ha!  Maybe that’s a sign.  Let’s hope it’s a good sign cause my 2012 Chinese astrology forecast starts like this,

“Every twelve years the dragon shows up to rain on your parade.”

Really? Hiding in that secure bunker suddenly seems a bit more appealing.  Why do I read that stuff?  WHY?!?!  Okay, better get off that topic.

Ahem.  Notice the blog looks a bit different (aka crappy)?  If you didn’t notice the format change, great!  But, seriously, if you didn’t notice the change then you probably shouldn’t be driving at night because it looks YUCKY!  It is driving me BONKERS!

See…I had promised myself I was going to launch a new (second) blog this past weekend.  I purchased a new domain, added hosting (after shopping around unnecessarily), added WordPress and started the “it’s so super ridiculously one-click easy a baby baboon with no arms can do it” process.

Right.  It takes more than one click if you give a flying flip how your website actually looks.  And, because I am about as technologically skilled as a cockroach in the website/blog design and formatting arena, delays and technical difficulties have prevailed.

At one point, in a nano-second of idiocy, I managed to change the theme for my existing Slay the Writer blog to something totally not compatible to all the little widgets and settings I had set up.  One click.  One tiny little click and BAM all of my theme, format and widget settings were gone.  Gone I tell you.  GONE.  As far as I can figure out, there is no “Undo” option.  So I had to try to rebuild this blog from scratch and I have absolutely no idea which of the gazillion free themes I used to launch this thing back in March.


{Pause for a moment.  Deep breaths, deep breaths}

Okay, so I will have resolutions and goals and a new blog/website coming soon.  I am NOT abandoning this original Slay the Writer blog. Please don’t unsubscribe. Cause that would leave me out here typing notes to myself which is pretty close to mentally deranged which is dangerously close to how I feel already.