I Would Pick R2-D2

This commercial has been playing for a few weeks. Of course I love it, but WHO WOULDN’T CHOOSE R2???

  • Mechanical failure?  R2 can repair anything.
  • R2-D2 does not require a 3G signal to be fully functional.  Without a signal, the phone is an overpriced digital camera.
  • R2 does NOT “require” a starfighter and millions of $s in gas.  He can travel across the desert, scan for life forms in Arctic temperatures, go camping in a swamp…all with no starfighter in sight.
  • Sure the phone can show little tiny movies on its little tiny 4.5 inch true HD screen (whatever the bleep that is), but R2 can show 3D holographic projections.  And he can even record them for you…in the middle of a laser fight.
  • R2-D2 can survive being shot!  Your phone won’t survive a hard fall.
  • R2 fell in a swamp, got swallowed by a monster, was spit out & he was ready for more action.  If you drop that phone in a sink of water, it will fizzle out and die.
  • R2 can hide away all sorts of things and get them to you just when you need them: stolen plans, a weapon, your spare keys…even that dumb phone.
  • R2 will never buzz with text messages at inappropriate moments or “butt call” your mother.
  • Rodent problems?  R2 can zap those rats (or a Jehovah’s Witness) right out of your house.
  • Most importantly, R2-D2 has saved the galaxy on multiple occasions.  How many lives has that phone saved?
  • And R2 serves a mean cocktail…balanced on his head!

Choose R2…or choose a mundane existence of unimpressive anonymity.

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2 thoughts on “I Would Pick R2-D2

  1. Neat, a lot more Star Wars stuff is coming into view and media. Because of the release of the movie, Star Wars in 3D. According to media report today, “It is no surprise that Star Wars is taking audiences by storm in its 3D debut. The first episode is just the tip of the iceberg because George Lucas has …”. “Experiencing this movie in 3D is much more exciting than …”, etc.

    So your novel is Star Wars related and young adult coming of age, and about old theaters? I am interested. Title? Is it a book in print or downloadable anywhere or Amazon?
    Mike R.

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