Darth Vader and Son – Book Trailer

Here’s some Star Wars fun that gives me yet another ray of hope that there is a vibrant platform of SW fans out there just waiting for me to saddle up and start marketing the be-Jawas out of Not So Long Ago, Not So Far Away.

My apologies for the long silence.  I’ve been making excellent use of that writing room furiously working on yet another rewrite. (This is the absolute last one, I swear!) and also the graphic design for my book. More to come very soon…promise.


3 thoughts on “Darth Vader and Son – Book Trailer

  1. Oh, I was wondering where you were! Almost the only reason I visit WordPress, is for your posts.

    I agree, finish that book in a hurry; there is a dearth of good S.W. material and it is getting warm around here in the southeast, therefore those cones (per the embedded video) won’t last long in Darth’s gloves!

    Mike R.

    • Sorry I disappeared, Sally. I’ve been writing, but I’ve also been in a wee bit of a dark place. But I’m climbing back up to the sunshine one step at a time.

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