May the Fourth Be With You!

According to this news article on, May 4th has LONG been embraced by fans as the day to celebrate all-things-Star-Wars.  Hmmm…really?  How did I NOT know this?

USA Today knew about it.  Moviephone knew about it.  Christopher Rosen over at the Huffington Post knew about it.  But me, the girl who can recite every word of dialogue in Episodes 4 & 5….nope.  I knew nothing.  (Really have GOT to get myself more plugged into the SW Universe!)

This and many other free e-cards are available at…when you care enough to send the very best geek greetings!

I’m celebrating this incredibly important holiday with the following wild acts of nerdish abandon:

  1. Creating a Star Wars Geekery board on Pinterest (which actually started as me trying to figure out how to add/use Pinterest on my blogs, quickly devolved into much confusion and cussing, then rapidly spiraled further downward into me just surfing the net and pinning a bunch of Books I want to Read, Creativity Diet inspirations I want to eat and Star Wars stuff I want to buy. *sighs*)
  2. Buying this hilarious t-shirt (Do you love it?  Because I LOVE it!)
  3. Watching really goofy Star Wars-themed YouTube videos and wondering, WHY and I wasting my time on this? I have a novel to re-write!

An exciting way to celebrate, it is not.  Anyone have any suggestions for a girl in rural Georgia who wants to milk the most Star Wars geekery out of the last 5 hours of this auspicious day?  Come on!  Get outrageous.  Get weird.  Anyone?


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