Hello Pinterest, Goodbye Time Management

Thanks to this article on the BookBaby website, I decided that I needed to get on Pinterest.  Like right away.  Immediately.

Oh my goodness!  Somebody, please save me.  All of my time is being sucked away into a deep, dark, endless black hole of internet.  I thought I knew all of its time-wastery tricks and traps, but I was WRONG.

There I was…innocently working on my final re-write of NSLA, NSFA when nefarious internet agents convinced me that the most savvy new authors need to figure out this whole Pinterest thing.  So I thought I’d take a few minutes to create a board for my first (1977) novel…and then….POOF!

  • One month later, I have not even come close to meeting my re-write goals.
  • One month later, I have boards full of pins I don’t even remember pinning.
  • One month later, I’m still feeling inadequate next to all of the incredibly beautiful boards others are creating and I do NOT understand how this is assisting me in my writing goals.

And yet….I can’t give it up just yet.  I WILL crack the code.  Soon.

In the meantime, does anyone out there have any ideas on how an unpublished author, stuck in the vicious cycle of write and re-write, who is hoping to self-publish before 2013, can use Pinterest as anything other than a HUGE time suck?


7 thoughts on “Hello Pinterest, Goodbye Time Management

  1. ha ha

    I tried pinterest a couple of months ago. Worked for about four hours and ended up with only something like six pictures on one board. I decided I needed to stay off of it.

    I can see where it would grow to be addicting, and I’m thankful I gave it up before it sucked me in. But I hope one day to master it, because I think it might be better than Facebook and Twitter. But I’m not going to explore it yet. Because, like you, I’m in the middle of a book and I have enough distractions keeping up with my favorite blogs.

    • Hi Sally…yes, I do think it will be a lovely marketing and networking asset once I figure the darn thing out. And now I’m going to go follow you on Pinterest in anticipation of the day when you get sucked into the web it weaves….

    • Yes you did, Jerry. You (and several others, including my mother) finally win. I’m currently “girding my loins” to face the self-publishing gauntlet. My goal is to have the book available on Amazon before the end of Summer….but I need to finish one more rewrite, get the final version of the cover art, submit the manuscript for copyediting, design the internal text/fonts…..sigh. Hey, are you on Pinterest?

  2. Trisha! Self publishing? Really? Your work is so good I don’t think you need to go that route. But whatever you do: Good for you. Which novel are you working on? I sure miss you and your work. I’ve been doing on line critiquing with one other person, along with my group, but would be willing to work with you too, if you ever feel the need.
    Take care,
    Suzanne Morrone

    • Suzanne! Oh my goodness, it is so good to hear from you! I miss our critique group so much it is impossible to type here.

      Self-publishing…it’s a looooooong story. Once upon a time I was with you…I equated talent with a traditional publishing contract. Things have changed. BIG TIME. I’ve talked to very reputable literary agents and acquisitions editors and….let me put it this way…self publishing is the new submissions process.

      One acquisitions editor at a “big” (still fairly successful) publishing house said he had the budget to publish around 30 new authors per fiscal year in 2007, but only had the budget for 1-3 new authors in 2012. They turn away perfectly good, well-written manuscripts that they would love to publish all the time. That said, I still hold out hope for finding the right balance of validation, respectability & distribution success. I just don’t know what that is in today’s publishing world. I have been submitting and listening and learning and going to VERY expensive writing seminars and I am starting to believe that self publishing is really my only option at this point.

      I may take you up on your offer for online critiquing. And you can always feel free to email me for critiques. I miss Blueberry….

      • Ah, that’s sweet. I would love to critique anything of yours. You are a wonderful writer. What is it you are working on now? I do know there has been talk on the SCBWI list serve about self publishing. You certainly aren’t alone with the move towards that. I don’t know enough about it to really know anything in this new digital age…

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