The Math of Revision Goals

The first thing you should notice is that I’ve added a big, ugly countdown widget thingy (look right). I wanted to add one of those nifty % of goal completion bars, but my free WordPress hosted blog account says, “Noooooooooo.”

(Note: Reference to hilarious Little Britain comedy sketches there.)

Which, by the way, is making me seriously consider a sweet web hosting offer over at ThweetBird (a new hosting service specifically targeted toward authors and other creative types where I can get FREE hosting just for being a member of Atlanta Writers Club)…but I digress.

The point here (and I do have a point) is that I have set a very ambitious (some might say ridiculous) goal of getting my first novel into Advanced Reader hands before Labor Day Weekend 2012 (or, before the end of this summer). Why push for the end of this summer?  Because I’d like to have some version of this novel available before Dragon*Con 2012.

NOTE:  No, I am NOT published and my novel is NOT available for sale anywhere at this point. I will announce here, there and everywhere possible when my novel is actually available…and it will be SOON. Hopefully before Labor Day…almost definitely before 2013. (This distinction seems to be a point of confusion for many folks, especially on Facebook).

OK, so why the ugly countdown? Cause I needs me some motivation and accountability. HELP!

My manuscript currently weighs in at 185 single-spaced, MS Word pages. This edit/rewrite is up to Page 45. That leaves 140 pages that need my love and attention. I want to have this beast…um, I mean my beautiful, wonderful manuscript…ready for a small print run (aka ARCs) by Sunday 8/5/12. That means I need to crank through 8-10 pages every day between now and then.


If I fail in this initial goal, I will be back here all shame-faced setting a new goal (or A New Hope, if you will). But I want to succeed.  I really, really NEED to succeed.

Any words of advice? Leave a comment! What do you do when you have a painful, marathon goal that seems nearly (but not quite) impossible? The more silly the advice, the better…cause I’ll probably ignore all advice and trudge along at my own pathetically slow rewrite pace regardless. Still, I want advice. Makes me feel less scared and alone.

By the way….The Ronald McDonald House meal was fantabular, spectaculous and all together too wonderful. If you don’t know about the RMDH organization, you should check it out!!

photo credit: ….Tim via photo pin cc


5 thoughts on “The Math of Revision Goals

  1. I knew the meal would be good.

    I say you just stay awake at that computer until you finish the ten pages. No, it’s not funny or silly. But it works.

    Do they let you take vacation time at work? You might take 8/1, 8/2, and 8/3 off and rent a cabin.

    Then you can come home on 8/5 and start packing. Yikes. You’re crazy.

  2. Look at history —- how many times have you edited or rewritten the book??
    Tell yourself you are DONE —- review 35 Pages/day and complete it in 4 Days!
    Follow the teachings of Larry the Cable Guy —- ” get er DONE!!”

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