Please Excuse the Crazy

The good news is I’m alive and (with the invaluable love and support of my favorite man pillow) have managed to keep the fuzzy folk properly fed and watered and walked and petted and vetted since you last heard from them. (Yay me.) We moved successfully. (Woo hoo!) There have been no tragedies. (Whew.) All of the news here is fabulous, really wonderful. I swear! I am exceptionally blessed and lucky and grateful.

So why do I feel like this???

Because I am a neurotic, borderline obsessive-compulsive, anxiety-ridden, perfectionist ass. That’s why. Don’t believe me?

Let me present the facts:

  • I just moved into the most wonderful house in the most delightful town that I’ve ever had the privilege to call home. Do I rush home every night to enjoy it? Do I sit back and breathe in the mountain air with its fresh new hint of autumn? NO! I run around every night looking for just the right fabric, rug, pillow &/or decorative household craft to make this lovely home even more perfect. What is that about? It’s ludicrous.
  • Last week, I wasted not one, but TWO whole evenings in Jo-Ann Fabrics shopping for upholstery fabrics to recover two cushions on one chair…and I CAN’T SEW!
  • After receiving fantastic editorial/revision notes from one of my favorite literary agents (and her intern), I have not worked on the novel for over a week.
  • Instead of working on my novel revision, I decided to paint my writing desk white and recover the chair…a process that took 4-5 coats of paint over three days and another trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics.
  • I have developed an annoying form of insomnia where I drift in and out of awareness without actually sleeping, dreaming or being fully awake. I use the time to make “to do” lists in my head that I promptly forget as soon as I stand up.
  • The only reason I’m posting on this blog tonight is that my dearest Momma sent an email (and she opens her email roughly once a season) to say she was tired of seeing the same blog post every time she checked my blog (which is roughly once a week) and could I please post something new? Shame on me.

So here I am….posting something new.

Hello, my name is Trisha and I am a demented procrastination machine with a glue gun and a Lowe’s card.

Oh, in another piece of news, I went to Dragon*Con for my first time ever over Labor Day Weekend. Erm…what to say about that? It was big. And crowded. And suffocating. And interesting. But mostly, it was overwhelmingly HUGE. And yet, I still managed to locate plenty of folks who represent the key target audience for my first novel and identify some marketing strategies for next year…if I ever finish this blasted rewrite. It was actually quite easy to envision many marketing possibilities at this type of event. Which is the whole reason why I forced myself to pay the one-day membership fee and attend on the busiest day (Saturday). Mission accomplished, I guess.

Honestly though, I’m just not sure how to properly process and comment on that whole Dragon*Con experience. I spent the vast majority of my one and only day at the Con in a Mediterranean restaurant sipping white wine and talking about the “brave new world of publishing” with an incredibly delightful representative from Premier Digital Publishing. I learned quite a bit.

But now it’s late and I have to be at work earlier than usual tomorrow. So, more on my outsider’s view of the Dragon*Con experience later this week…

photo credit: macwagen via photo pin cc