If it’s October, it must be…Hitchcock!!!

October is my most favorite month of the year. Autumn is my most wonderful time of the year. And Hitchcock, that devious bastard, is my most favorite Hollywood storyteller of any year.

Seriously, Hitchcock is like the Yoda of suspense and horror filmmakers. So…when I learned that there’s a gorgeous new biopic coming out about this twisted, yet glorious man, I just about peed my pants! Check it out:

Starring Anthony Hopkins as the master? And Helen Mirren as The Queen of his heart? Are you kidding? WOW!

Do you love it? Will you go see it? Most importantly, what is your favorite Hichcock movie memory? (I’ll tell you mine if you’ll tell me yours.)


2 thoughts on “If it’s October, it must be…Hitchcock!!!

    • Hi Ann! Sorry it took me so long to reply. Halloween and are looking forward to the big feast next week. If I ever find a fabulous green suit even remotely similar to the one Tipi wore in The Birds, I’m buying it no matter what it costs. As for me, I’m not sure I could pick just one favorite among his movies. Possibly Dial M For Murder (because I love Grace Kelly & the table being turned on the bad husband) or maybe Vertigo (those scenes from San Francisco are so beautiful they make my chest ache). That said, my favorite Hitchcock experience happened a few years ago. I was watching “some 70’s movie” on TMC (or maybe it was AMC) and I was really, really enjoying it…despite the fact that I felt a little guilty about enjoying it because it was a wee bit corny and convoluted. Still, I was totally addicted to it. And I kept thinking, ‘This is just like a Hitchcock movie but with a groovy, weird 70’s vibe. Cool!’ When it was all over, the announcer guy (George Clooney’s dad?) came on and said, “That was Family Plots, Alfred Hitchcock’s final film from 1976.” And I was absolutely flabbergasted because I’d never even heard of the movie before that day (and I thought I was a Hitchcock fan).

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