Buy The Book Page is Now Live!

Thick arrow made from jigsaw puzzle piecesHey there…just a quickie little post to point something out…if you would please direct your attention upward…just a wee bit up and possibly to the right. Do you see what’s up in the navigation bar? Do you see that page entitled “Buy the Book”?

You know you want to click it. Yes, you do.

OK, seriously. Deeds Publishing is now taking preorders for signed copies of my novel and they are offering free shipping if you preorder through the link before the official release date of May 21, 2013.

Also, as you can see, I’m in the process of updating the website in preparation for the big release date. What do you think about the new look? Do you see any problems/errors? Don’t be shy. Tell my what you think. It’s still a work in progress.

photo credit: Horia Varlan via photopin cc

Book Launch Update – Guess the Mystery Guest

Exciting news! There’s going to be a very special guest at the May 25th book launch event. See if you know who it will be.

  • It’s not wise to upset him, so please don’t call him a walking carpet
  • He knows how to fly casual…
  • and how to hijack an Imperial AT-ST
  • He likes his books and his cookies chewie!

Who is he?

Wookiee Feet

photo credit: Stéfan via photopin cc

Book Launch in T Minus 30 Days!

Stormtroopers Coke Launch

Mark you calendars! My very first book launch event is scheduled for Saturday, May 25 from 5:00 – 8:00 PM at Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Shop in Roswell.

I don’t want this to be some boring “Buy my book, buy my book, look at me, buy my book” event. It’s going to be the 36th anniversary of the original release of Star Wars. Crazy ideas are pinballing around my head. I’m thinking Jawa Java…I’m thinking SW Trivia contest…I’m thinking open mike SW-inspired poetry…I’m thinking SW-inspired fashions!

Ummmm…actually, what I’m really thinking is that I need suggestions.

I’ve been out there on Pinterest pinning and pinning all sorts of fun and fabulous party ideas on my Not So Long Ago, Not So Far Away board, but I have this wee bit of a problem with editing myself. Mainly because I have a much larger problem with being realistic about time &/or budget constraints. The main thing is that I want this to be a fun, friendly, and, yes, possibly a little wackadoodle, celebration of Star Wars fangirls (without scaring away the guys!)

What do you think would make this first book launch event a memorable, pinable, interactive SW celebration without breaking the bank…or any of those pesky copyright laws that can make the Lucasfilm/Disney folks so cranky? Please post comments here or on my Facebook page. (Or send a private message if you’re feeling shy.)

NOTE: This isn’t a rhetorical, What do you think?-type question. I really do need help.

Stormtroopers Playing Twister

PS – If you can’t come to this event, no worries! There are several more events in the works, including parties at the Awakening Fine Art Gallery in Dahlonega on Saturday, June 8 and the Midland Theatre in Newark, Ohio on Saturday, June 22. Stay tuned for more updates!

photo credit: Stéfan via photopin cc & JD Hancock via photopin cc

Lingo Lounge April 25


About two months ago, I was hit with the sudden realization that my transformation from aspiring author to published author would require me to stand up in front of complete strangers and read from my book. Zoinks!

Now, to be clear, public speaking doesn’t frighten me at all. Really. I’m happy to stand up in front of a room or even a stadium full of strangers and talk about any topic that interests me. And I’ve been told by a few people who are NOT my mother that I’m pretty good at it. I may have a few note cards to keep myself on topic, but you won’t catch me reading from them…well, unless I’m reading a quote or excerpt that I don’t want to mess up.

I even took a class in storytelling in college. Oh, how I loved that class!

But reading from my own novel? Terrifying!

Luckily, I live in Dahlonega, GA. And the creative community in Dahlonega is absolutely wonderful and nurturing. Case in point – Lingo Lounge.

It’s an open mike event on the 4th Thursday of every month that was created by writers for writers. In addition to fiction authors, there are poets, memoirists, screenwriters and songwriters who stand up and share their work. I am so grateful to the wonderful folks who organize this event! First and foremost, it’s fun. And I think I am actually improving my author presentation skills a wee bit. Woo hoo!

Curious? You should come join us. Reading is strictly optional.

Do you remember…R2-D2 Underoos?

Don’t ask me WHY I Googled “r2d2 underoos” yesterday. Maybe I was having a flashback from my Saturday morning cartoons days. (Oh, such happy, happy days!) The important thing is that I found this gem on YouTube:

Hilarious, right? And you know what is even funnier? If someone bought me an adult-sized set of R2-D2 Underoos, I would wear them. I would.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit recently about Star Wars geek chic fashions for the modern girl. Crazy, fun, creative marketing ideas are buzzing around in my head fueled by all of the fun, crazy, creative things I’ve been finding on Pinterest. (I have mentioned before that I am hopelessly addicted to Pinterest, right?) 

Think Project Runway meets Star Wars geekery.

I’m not sure if or how I’m going to be able to make these weird and wonderful ideas work, but I think it will be fun to find out.

In the meantime, if you want to get a sneak peek of what I’m dreaming up, checkout my Pinterest board entitled Fangirls…This is not your brother’s Star Wars.

Desperately Seeking Stormtroopers

I’m planning my very first book launch event and there is one very crucial ingredient that I am convinced I must have…Stormtrooper Girl

Yep, I need Stormtroopers! Short ones, tall ones, male ones, female ones…I’m not too picky about those particulars. I just really want a Stormtrooper (or two) to make an appearance at my book launch event in the Atlanta Metro Area. I want my trooper to pose for pictures (lots of pictures) and to lure any curious, Star Wars-loving readers into my orbit.

In case you don’t know, this is not an impossible thing to ask. Why? Because there is an entire garrison of Stormtroopers living here in Georgia (122 active members to be exact). They have a website with a roster of member costumes posted online. Check it out!

Aren’t they wonderful?!?!

Unfortunately, the Vader’s Fist 501st Legion website says I’m supposed to to submit a request for an appearance 2-3 months before my event. As of today, my event is a little less than 8 weeks away. But I’m still requesting!

I’m not allowed to pay, which is a very good thing for me because I don’t have a big Stormtrooper budget. I am allowed to make a charitable donation. That’s easy enough. But what else can I do to sweeten the deal? Give them a signed copy of the book? Buy them a drink after the event? Give them some droids to look for? Seriously, if you own or have access to an excellent Stormtrooper costume, tell me what I need to do to get your iconic white, glossy personage to my event.

Note: Of course I would also love, love, love to welcome a room full of Jedi, Sith, Rebel pilots, driods, bounty hunters and other characters to any of my book events, but seriously…


photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc