Lingo Lounge April 25


About two months ago, I was hit with the sudden realization that my transformation from aspiring author to published author would require me to stand up in front of complete strangers and read from my book. Zoinks!

Now, to be clear, public speaking doesn’t frighten me at all. Really. I’m happy to stand up in front of a room or even a stadium full of strangers and talk about any topic that interests me. And I’ve been told by a few people who are NOT my mother that I’m pretty good at it. I may have a few note cards to keep myself on topic, but you won’t catch me reading from them…well, unless I’m reading a quote or excerpt that I don’t want to mess up.

I even took a class in storytelling in college. Oh, how I loved that class!

But reading from my own novel? Terrifying!

Luckily, I live in Dahlonega, GA. And the creative community in Dahlonega is absolutely wonderful and nurturing. Case in point – Lingo Lounge.

It’s an open mike event on the 4th Thursday of every month that was created by writers for writers. In addition to fiction authors, there are poets, memoirists, screenwriters and songwriters who stand up and share their work. I am so grateful to the wonderful folks who organize this event! First and foremost, it’s fun. And I think I am actually improving my author presentation skills a wee bit. Woo hoo!

Curious? You should come join us. Reading is strictly optional.


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