Book Signing Video from May 25

As you can see, my two special guest stars made this such a fun event. I cannot thank them enough!!


3 thoughts on “Book Signing Video from May 25

    • Hi Suzanne! Sorry I missed your comment until just now. Yes, you can easily order my book right now. Today. It’s on Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Just go to the website and search “Trisha Slay” and the book comes right up (I do it often just to prove to myself the book is really real and avaialble). Amazon does this weird thing where it looks like the physical book is not available this second, but it gets shipped in 1-2 days so don’t let that bother you at all. You can also order the book on the Buy the Book page on this website. That order goes straight to my publisher and we’ll send you a signed copy.

      However you order it, once you read it, please let me know what you think!

  1. Trisha, I never did get this message! Just found it today. Anyway, I sent you a long email with all my thoughts on the book. I loved it. Had a number of specific comments. Good job!!!

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