The New Book Review and Other News

Happy Sunday. Hope you are having a relaxing day filled with goodness and light. Me, I can’t remember the last relaxing day I was able to enjoy. So kick back and relax and enjoy yourself for me, OK?

Relax and refreshRight now, I’m sitting on our screened porch with a glass of lemon-ginger soda trying to finish up guest posts for my blog tour. Argh! Let me tell you something…writing guest posts for someone else’s blog is much, MUCH more difficult than I expected! I can write any old thing I want on my own blog…or just post silly pictures of the Fuzzies. Out there, hopping around from blog to blog, I have to write posts that stick to topics and follow some reasonable logic and have fully formed thoughts…all of which reminds me of how much I loathed writing high school English essays.

Zoinks! I am a weird and geeky fiction novelist. I regularly ignore reality to live in the fantastical worlds of my imagination. Who do I think I am to be spreading all of this writerly advice and wisdom all over the internets? Makes me feel a wee bit like a pretentious git. But it is called marketing. And it is necessary. Because everyone says so.

Moving on…Just wanted to check in with a few updates:

  1. Crystal Otto’s review of NSLA, NSFA is being featured today over on Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s New Book Review. (Which is an absolutely awesome blog where folks can submit a book review that was previously posted. It was named one of 101 Book Blogs You Need To Read by Online Universities, and 100 Essential Sites for Voracious Readers by Masters in English and won a Sassy Award. So check it out!
  2. There’s still 11 more stops on my blog tour, including at least 5 more chances to win a FREE copy of my book. The full tour schedule is posted on my “Come See Me” page but I’ll always post a reminder with a link right here at home.
  3. The event last night at Avid Bookshop was fun. Dark skies are being blamed for keeping away the hoards of readers we expected, but I love that bookstore. Again, I highly recommend a trip to Avid if you are anywhere near Athens, GA.
  4. Hey look! I’m finally posting a few pictures from my book event in Newark last weekend (6/22/13):
Hey look! What's that up on the Midland marquee?

Hey look! What’s that up on the Midland marquee?


It’s me, it’s me, it’s ME!!!!

photo credit: photolupi via photopin cc


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