Mark Hamill and I

I’m afraid we might have something in common….

“You know how there are some stars out there who know how to market themselves? I don’t have that.”

 – Mark Hamill 

Skywalker Action Figure

…but I’m totally focused on overcoming this minor character flaw. Or is it really a flaw? Yes, yes it’s definitely a flaw if you want to be a successful author. So it must be overcome. Right? BAH! Do you see how ambivalent I am about this?


5 thoughts on “Mark Hamill and I

  1. I totally get it. I think all writers do! Don’t think I can make you feel any better than Mark Hamill though 😉
    You do a fantastic job with your blog and keeping everything centered around your main subjects.

  2. You, Mark Hamill, and about a million other writers and actors.

    No, it’s not a character flaw. But if you hand sell your books, you’ll go farther than if you do nothing. Have you done school visits? Have you gone to kidlitosphere central and left comments on some of the many blogs belonging to librarians and teachers? You will enjoy many of the blogs and that’s a great way to make friends in the business of buying books and recommending them to young people.

    • Hi Sally…you know, every time I try browsing over at Kidlitosphere I get overwhelmed by the number of links and things to read. You are right. I need to sit down and find some kindred spirits over there. Unfortunately, with the full time corporate job, school visits are not really an option for me. I have been trying to contact the Kids/YA librarian in Dahlonega to see if I could organize some kind of monthly teen reading events. I can’t get her to call me back. Probably need to suck up my courage and walk in. Gah! Can’t wait for the writing retreat!!! How many spots are left? I’m planning to write a post about it here very soon.

      • Oh man, I can feel your pain. About walking in and about trying to do promotion while working at a full time job. I can’t even believe you wrote a book, while working at a full time job. And then you published it! You’re super woman.

        There are still several slots open for the retreat. I have not advertised it yet. But I plan to do that in September. Thanks for posting on it. I’m really looking forward to it, too!

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