On Dragon*Con and Believing in Fairies

Last night was my first taste of Dragon*Con 2013. There were very few costumes in evidence…it was mainly a parade of geek humor t-shirts and interesting hair colors. That said, while standing in the monstrously mega huge pre-registration line to pick up my badge, I spotted a very impressive Tinkerbell exiting the Sheraton.

This was not your average, run-of-the-mill Halloween Tink. She had a perfectly fitted green dress and a set of delicate, luminous fairy wings that stretched at least 3 feet above her thick blond bun. Seriously, she looked better than the “cast members” who play Tink in the Disney parks.

As I was trying to figure out if it was possible to get a picture without losing my place in line, I heard a gasp behind me. I turned to find a little girl, approximately 5-6 years old. The expression on this child’s face was the perfect mix of shock, joy and awe.

“Tinkerbell,” she breathed the word then looked up at me with huge, liquid chocolate eyes. “It’s Tinkerbell!”

“I see her!” I said. “Isn’t she wonderful?”

All of the adults standing near us in line giggled a bit because the child’s reaction was just too precious. Hearing the giggles, the child drew herself up to her full height and pressed one hand to her chest. She looked back at me with a very wise, very serious expression.

“You know,” she said, “I don’t think that’s the REAL Tinkerbell.”

I accepted her verdict without argument. Obviously, the real Tinkerbell is quite a bit smaller than the girl we saw last night. Clap if you believe.

Tinkerbellephoto credit: shakotte via photopin cc


One thought on “On Dragon*Con and Believing in Fairies

  1. Those folks at Dragon Con take their dress-up VERY seriously, huh?

    Though I’m basing that opinion on friends’ hearsay and photos in the AJC, plus the one time I passed a gaggle of people, all dressed up, walking down the street, causing quite the commotion. And now that I think about it, your observation, too. 🙂

    And I do believe that you referenced one of my all-time favorite books/plays. *sigh*

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