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2015 Haunted Dahlonega Walking Tour

5-Day Fiction Writing Challenge – Day One

There’s a dream that strings the road with broken glass for us to hold
And I cut so far before I have to say…

Please please tell me now is there something I should know?

Is There Something I Should Know by
Duran Duran

Broken Glass Eye

Well, the good news is that I wrote my 1000 words today…they just weren’t the words I had planned to write. I had this idea that I was going to use this week’s challenge to work on a short story starring Erika and Sonny in 1980…but that just was NOT flowing. At all.

I love writing realistic contemporary YA fiction. I do. But I have a paranormal dark side. I love ghosts and ghost stories and haunted houses. That mystical, magical, haunted part of my writerly nature has been ignored and neglected for months. This evening, the ghosts would not be silent. With today’s writing, I am up to 46,898 words of a paranormal mystery project. I think I need to see this thing through to “The End” before October.

I’m not ready to divulge any details yet, but I’m posting the quote and the picture above as a sort of teaser…and a wee peek inside my haunted little brain.

Don’t worry though! The next installment in my fangirl trilogy, tentatively entitled¬†Sometimes We Strike Back, is still scheduled for Summer 2014! Stay tuned…

photo credit: pareeerica via photopin cc